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‘Daqui’ is Portuguese for ‘from here’, however when the expression is associated with the gesture of holding your earlobe between your index finger and your thumb, it means that something is considered to be excellent.


Daqui is born an interpretation of a centuries old Alentejan vinification method involving foot treading and spontaneous fermentation in clay amphora. As tradition calls, the wine remained on the skins until Saint Martin’s day, after which it filtered naturally through the grape stems and skins at the bottom of the amphora.

The Wine

With grenade colours and herbal aromas, Daqui joins structure, freshness, and character.

Appelation: Vinho regional Alentejano
Varieties: Touriga Franca

Total Acids: 6.7
Final pH: 3.78
Total sugar: 0.3
Alcohol: 12.5%
Only available in 100cl


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